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rogue_slasher's Journal

A site for The Other Guys of BTVS and ATS
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Heroes and Villains who steal more than your heart
This is a place for fiction and art of "the other guys" of the BTVS and ATS universe. The one's who aren't the big three: Angel, Spike and Xander. Not that we don't love those guys...we do. A Lot. And they're welcome here, as long as they are paired with one of our Rogue guys. So Angel/Wesley...yep, we want em. Spike and Oz...them too! And of course, wesley/oz, giles/wesley, wesley/gunn, oz/lindsey...you get the idea! So grab your favorite rogues and get to work..we'll be waiting!

In order to become a member of this site, your date of birth, including year, must be posted on your live journal profile. Membership is limited to users 18 and over.

And now, THE RULES:
No flaming.
No spamming.
All posts must have a Rogue as a main character.
All fics must be rated from PG-NC17
All content must be tagged as either worksafe or not worksafe
All pics must be under an LJ cut
All fics longer than a drabble (100 words) should be under an LJ cut.